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Hymns of the Son Album and Devotional

The Project

The Hymns

Hymns of the Son is a suite of worship resources centered around an album and devotional of 20 modern arrangements of classic hymns. The album includes brand new recordings of these hymns in a modern worship context. The devotional explores the history and scriptures behind the hymns. Worship leading resources are available for each hymn including multitracks, backing tracks, lyric videos, and chord sheets

The list of hymns will take you to the home page of each hymn or scroll down to explore the resources available for Hymns of the Son.

Hymns of the Son is the second installment of The Trinity Project, which includes:

Hymns of the Father

Hymns of the Son

Hymns of the Spirit

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Hymns of the Son Album Cover

This album contains 20 modern arrangements of classic hymns from "Hymns of the Son". The audiobook devotional includes all of the same recordings you will hear on this album.




Hymns of the Son Devotional
Hymns of the Son Audiobook & Music
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eBook & Paperback 

The devotional is a powerful exploration of the character of God the Son over the course of one month. We'll look at 20 individual hymns and the incredible stories that inspired their writing, along with the scriptural foundation for each and a practical, modern application that helps the message meet you where you are.

Each week in this four-week devotional explores a different aspect of the Father—the God the Son; Salvation, Sacrifice, Sanctification, and Communion

Audiobook + Music

Devotional + Music = Awesome. Enjoy a unique devotional format with the Hymns of the Father on audiobook. Featuring original musical arrangements from Reawaken Hymns for each day’s devotional, the audiobook will be a worshipful and impactful experience as we walk through the history, Scripture, and devotional application of your favorite hymns.

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chord book


Hymns of the Son Worship Sourcebook with chords

More than just chords.... 

This sourcebook contains resources to help you lead worship using the 20 hymns on the “Hymns of the Son” album. Each hymn includes the chord chart in the key recorded on the album, as well as related scriptures, a history of the hymn, a liturgical element for worship, and questions to spark discussion with your worship team. Alternate keys for each hymn can be found in the back of this book


20 Modern hymn lyric videos ready for your worship services

Reawaken Hymns lyric videos are perfect for the small church or church plant who finds themselves without a worship leader or needs to host services online.  Each video is 1080p HD and compatible with most worship presentation software and video editors.


Hymns of the Son Multitracks and Backtracks

Hymn tracks with a modern sound

​Get multitracks and backing tracks for all 20 songs on Hymns of the Son. Each song is available either as a multitrack with the original stems from the studio recording or as a stereo split accompaniment track with click and cues.


Album + eBook

Album + Audiobook + eBook

Chordbook + Album + ebook

Multitracks + Lyric Videos + Chordbook + Album + Instrumentals + eBook + Audiobook

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