the solid rock

E                           Bsus   

My hope is built on nothing less    


Than Jesus' blood and righteousness

     E                          Bsus   

I dare not trust the sweetest frame

      A                         B      E

But wholly lean on Jesus' name




     E                            A

     On Christ the solid rock I stand

         E                        Bsus   

     All other ground is sinking sand

         E                         B           E  

     All other ground is sinking sand



E                             Bsus   

When darkness veils his lovely face


I rest on his unchanging grace

E                          Bsus   

In every high and stormy gale

   A                       B          E

My anchor holds within the veil




E                               Bsus   

His oath, his covenant, his blood


Supports me in the whelming flood

E                                Bsus   

When all around my soul gives way

   A                           B        E

He then is all my hope and stay




E                                Bsus   

When He shall call with trumpet sound


Oh may I then in him be found

E                             Bsus   

Dressed In his righteousness alone

     A                         B        E

Faultless to stand before the throne



Written by Ed­ward Mote, 1834

On Christ The Solid Rock chord sheet by Nathan Drake