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Nathan Drake, guitar
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Reawaken Hymns Music Samples
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"Thank you for your work for the Kingdom! You have made many deeply rich and stirring hymns accessible to a new generation of worship leaders." - Sean Walker

In 2015, Nathan Drake was serving as a worship leader in a multi-generational church in St. Louis. In an effort to create a worship experience accessible to everyone he began to introduce classic hymns, but found it difficult to find arrangements that were both fully modern and true to the original song. 

He began writing his own arrangements for the church and sharing them for others to use.  As more churches started utilizing the arrangements, Nathan created Reawaken Hymns to help churches develop intentional, accessible, gospel centered worship.  Eight years later Reawaken Hymns reaches millions of people every year and has been used by thousands of churches around the world. ​


Reawaken Hymns resources are used in thousands of churches around the world and garners millions of listeners and viewers each year.

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"I am so impressed with the sound you have created. Every song has an energy of worship! I have felt God's presence come alive in my life more since listening to the album. Thank you for that and for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful project!"

Faith Rizzuto

"Nathan, the work you do has had a massive impact on this writer as well as the church I attend. You've exposed us to hymns we would have never sung but are now learning.   Thank you for your ministry and help." - James Ashford 

”A sincere thank you for all your work and ministry. As a Navy Chaplain who lacks any musical talents, and is regularly leading worship services during extended at-sea exercises and deployments, your hymn videos have been a gift to me and the Sailors Christ has called me to serve. The hymns are timeless, reverent, and in a word, well-done. Brother, thank you.”

- Keith Lightner

“Your ministry has changed my worship leader approach to these songs [hymns]. They used to intimidate me and what you have done is a huge gift to many people.”

- James Horton


Reawaken Hymns has a vast catalog of modern hymns, including 60 modern arrangements from The Trinity Project. These arrangements are true to the original hymn and unabashedly modern at the same time.

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Reawaken Hymns conference

Reawaken Hymns strives to create intentional, accessible, gospel-centered worship gatherings. It is a unique experience for a worship song to be both fresh and instantly singable by nearly everyone in the room.  And with people from all traditions and denominations gathered together, the hymns provide a wonderful shared connection between those who normally do not worship together. That is what Reawaken Hymns is about; different ages, different church backgrounds, different worship styles, and different cultures singing together the gospel of Christ.

All the energy and emotional impact of modern worship, all the theological depth and intentionality of classic hymns.


Book Reawaken Hymns for your next conference, church event, or worship gathering.

How much does it cost? The cost depends on the type of gathering, date, and location. Fill out the form above and the team will contact you to discuss your event details. If the cost doesn't work for your event, we are always willing to work on making it happen!

Who will be there? You can book the Reawaken Hymns Band for the full modern worship experience or Nathan Drake for solo acoustic worship.

Where are you located? Reawaken Hymns in located in St. Louis Missouri, but can travel anywhere.

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