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These chord books feature the original hymn texts with updated and simplified chords based on the original hymn melody. The Reawaken Hymnbook is great for the acoustic guitar player and the Worship Sourcebooks are great for worship planners and based on the full band arrangements in the related albums. The sourcebooks also include related scriptures, a history of the hymn, a liturgical element for worship, and questions to spark discussion with your worship team. 

The Reawaken Hymn Book
The Trinity Project Sourcebook
The Soul Felt Its Worth Sourcebook
Hymns of the Father Worship Source Book
Hymns of the Son Worship Sourcebook
Hymns of the Spirit Sourcebook



Hymns have long been a source of comfort and peace for Christians from all walks of life.  In these collections of timeless hymns, spend four weeks experiencing the presence and person of God. Each day will focus on a different hymn, including the hymn's text, a brief history and testimony about the hymn, and a devotion based on truths found in the hymn and corresponding Scripture.  Looking to go through this devotional with your church group? Click here

The Trinity Project Devotional
Hymns of the Father Devotional
Hymns of the Son Devotional
Hymns of the Spirit Devotional
The Soul Felt Its Worth Devotional


Each devotional is also available in a unique audiobook experience that allows you to listen to the music and rest in the lyrics of the hymns before engaging with the devotional material. Includes full Scripture readings for each day. It's basically a complete daily devotional experience in a box. Looking to go through this devotional with your church group? Click here

Hymns of the Father Audiobook
Hymns of the Son Audiobook
Hymns of the Spirit Audiobook
The Soul Felt Its Worth Audiobook

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