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Can we use Reawaken Hymns songs in our worship services?
Yes, you can use any Reawaken Hymns resources purchased or downloaded from in your in-person and online worship services.

Can we use Reawaken Hymns songs from your YouTube channel?
 has their own terms of use, please check before using in your church. Not all Reawaken Hymns videos on YouTube are owned by Reawaken Hymns and therefore may not be allowed to be freely used in worship. Please use to download videos for use in church worship services.  This list includes all Reawaken Hymns that are owned by Reawaken Hymns: Before using any hymn that was not downloaded from, please check this list. 

Are Reawaken Hymns songs public domain?
While most of the original hymns are in the public domain, Reawaken Hymns arrangements and recordings are not public domain, as they were created after 1923. All arrangements and recordings
are owned by Nathan Drake. Full copyright information can be found here.

Do I need a CCLI license to use Reawaken Hymns songs in our worship service?
If your church has a CCLI license, please include any Reawaken Hymns songs in your Planning Center plans and CCLI reporting. CCLI # can be found here. However, a CCLI license is not required to use resources purchased or downloaded from in your in-person and online worship services. While this is not required it is a great way to support Reawaken Hymns without any additional cost and help me continue this ministry. Thank you for your support!

Can I make copies of the chord charts and sheet music?
Yes you can. You may make as many copies of chord charts as you need for your worship team. Please do not post these chord charts on a public website without my permission (planning apps are ok). Sheet music purchased from includes permission to create up to 10 copies.



Which software can I use to play lyric videos?
Lyric videos come in standard 1080p MP4 format and can be played in almost any video player or presentation software.

What are the different kinds of backing tracks?
Please watch this video to learn more about backing track types: 

Which software can I use to play multitracks?
Reawaken Hymns multitracks include WAV files and a pre-made Ableton project. WAV files can be used in any DAW (Ableton, Logic, Garageband, etc.) or multitrack app (Playback, Prime, WorshipSong Band). Multitracks are also available to purchase and download directly from,, WorshipSong Band, and Worship Backing Band

I tried to download a file and it won’t open properly?
Some resources on Reawaken Hymns are very large zip files. Windows has a bug which sometimes prevents it from opening large zip files created with other apps. I made a short video to help open it you can watch here: I recommend this free app in the video to open it: 

If you still have issues, please contact me

How do I see my purchases?
You can log in and download any purchases here:



Who are you?
I am Nathan Drake, nice to meet you!

What do you believe?
My personal theological beliefs are fairly consistent with most reformed theology. My current church is Non-denominational, and I have previously served in Acts 29, RCA, and EFCA churches. I encourage you to consider the theology of each song when selecting songs.


How can I contact you?

You can contact me HERE

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