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Your spare change can support Reawaken Hymns

I am in the final week of my 8 week reevaluation of Reawaken Hymns and Mina Studio! Each week I spent time examining and working on a different aspect of the ministry (music, chord sheets, facebook, youtube, etc.). This final week’s focus is Patreon. To be real, I put Patreon off til the last week and don’t talk about it much because I simply don’t like asking for money.

But I am trying to get past that discomfort because the aim of my Patreon is simple and important, and hopefully won’t make you uncomfortable either.

It is simply giving a small amount of money each month to something you find value in. No tricks, no guilt.

So please consider if the content of Reawaken Hymns and Mina Studio is worth $1 a month to you.

If not, that is not a problem, you won’t hurt my feelings, and the resources are here for you to use whenever you need.

If so, please consider becoming a Patron for $1 a month. Your patronage lets me continue to produce all the hymn videos, chord charts, and worship leader training that you are used to from Reawaken Hymns and Mina Studio.

You may not think so, but even $1 a month makes a huge difference and that support is incredibly meaningful to me.

Things you can buy with a dollar:

-Small gas station coffee

-A can of off brand cream of mushroom soup

-1.9 stamps

-A cheesy bean and rice burrito

-1/699th of an iPhone

-1 month of support for Reawaken Hymns

Other than the burrito, I think the choice is obvious


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