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Using Chromecast In Church

Not every piece of AV gear for your church needs to cost thousands of dollars, in fact there is a versatile little gadget that will only cost you $35: A Chromecast.

A chromecast is an HDMI dongle used to stream media from a computer or other device to a TV or projector. Think of it as a fancy wireless HDMI cable.

3 Uses for Chromecast in your church:

Announcement Slides

Mount a TV in your lobby, attach a Chromecast, and stream Google Slides to it. Now you have announcement slides playing in the background as people mingle before and after service.

Lyrics Slides

If you worship in a small setting such as a house or cafe, you may not have the space, time, or money for a big lyrics projection rig. As long as you have a computer, TV, and Chromecast you can easily present simple lyrics slides with an app like Google Slide or Powerpoint.


If you have classrooms in your church with mounted TV's adding a chromecast to each TV is a no-brainer. Anyone with the Chrome browser on their computer or phone (so pretty much everyone) can present teaching materials wirelessly on the TV.

And most importantly, it only costs $35. Have I mentioned I love cheap gear?


Chromecast for church



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