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Stop Looking For Gifts, Start Using Them

man sitting in church

As a church we need to start using the gifts we have, not the gifts we want.

We get mission based tunnel vision. We know our church's goals, we know its mission, and we forget about the people.

God gave your church the people it has for a reason.

He gave your church the gifts and talents it has for a reason.

To use.

If you have a talented graphic designer in your church, and your graphics look like Windows 95 screensavers, what benefit is that to your church? In contrast, if the only guitarist in your church is a 14 year old who has never heard of a musician NOT named Taylor Swift, then maybe now is not the time to form a full worship band. If you have somebody who is amazing at making everyone feel welcome in your church, then cut out a song, extend your greeting time, and let them loose.

If you have a group of talented artists in your church and NO arts ministry, then you are telling those people that they don't belong in your church. Why would God give them these amazing gifts, and then put them in a church that doesn't need them?

As a church, we can not charge after our vision and mission statements while ignoring who God actually made us to be. If you want to know who your church is suppose to be, look at the people.


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