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New and Improved Reawaken Hymn Book!

The Reawaken Hymn Book

The second edition of The Reawaken Hymn Book is now available! The first edition came out almost 2 years ago (oh how time flies), so it is about time for an upgrade. This second edition adds 25 new hymns to the hymn book! It also includes a new look and a few other updates. I'm excited about this new book, with the edition of the new hymns I feel like this book covers most of the hymns that modern congregations have heard and even some that they have not. I truly believe this is a great resource for worship leaders and churches (or I wouldn't have created it).

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I would say it could make a great Christmas gift for worship leaders but it is the middle of maybe a great Cinco De Mayo present?

*If you have already purchased the first edition of the ebook, please email me about getting the new second edition for a discounted price.

The Reawaken Hymns Book Back Cover


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