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New Hymn Available!

Check out the newest hymn from Reawaken Hymns!

Reawaken Hymns releases a new hymn every month. Make sure to subscribe to the Reawaken Hymns Youtube channel so you don't miss any!

I hope you enjoy the newest hymn: "Lord I Deserve Thy Deepest Wrath".


Lord, I deserve Thy deepest wrath, ungrateful, faithless I have been; no terrors have my soul deterred, nor goodness wooed me from my sin.

My heart is vile, my mind depraved, my flesh rebels against Thy will; I am polluted in Thy sight, yet, Lord, have mercy on me still!

Have mercy on me

Have mercy on me still

Without defense to Thee I look, to Thee the only Savior fly; without a hope, without a friend, in deep distress to Thee I cry.

Speak peace to me, my sins forgive, dwell Thou within my heart, O God; the guilt and pow’r of sin remove, and fit me for Thy blest abode.

Have mercy on me

Have mercy on me still


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