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New Hymn Available!

Check out the newest modern hymn from Reawaken Hymns!

Reawaken Hymns releases a new hymn every month. Make sure to subscribe to the Reawaken Hymns Youtube channel so you don't miss any!

I hope you enjoy the newest hymn: "Jesus Thine All Victorious Love"


Jesus, thine all-victorious love

shed in my heart abroad;

then shall my heart no longer rove,

rooted and fixed in God.

O that in me the sacred fire might now begin to glow; burn up the dross of base desire and make the mountains flow!


O that it now from heaven might fall

and all my sins consume!

Come, Holy Ghost, for thee I call,

Spirit of burning, come!

Refining fire, go through my heart, illuminate my soul; scatter thy life through every part and sanctify the whole.


1 commentaire

Pastor Lijo George
Pastor Lijo George
23 sept. 2021

woah I am glad to find you rendition - Thanks for sharing your gift to the world.

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