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Mainstage For Everyone!

First things first.

I am not being paid by Apple.

I am not sponsored by Apple.

Apple doesn't even know I exist.

Ok, now that is out of the way; Mainstage is awesome, and your church should seriously think about using it for everything.

Ok, not everything, but a few things.

So why do I like Mainstage so much? Primarily because it is really cheap AND sounds really good. In the world of music production, cheap price and good sound very rarely ever go together. Basically it's just harmonicas and Mainstage.

And Mainstage can do alot of things. One $30 program can help you get great sounding keys, synths, electric guitar, electric drums, and even run backing tracks (in a pinch).

While it is just fun to play with new tech and cool apps, the real purpose here is to give your church, or any church, a way to achieve good sound without breaking the bank, because your church has far better things to spend money on than expensive musical gear.

I've created a series of videos reviewing the different jobs that Mainstage can do for your worship band and hopefully help you do more good for less money.


Electric Guitar

Electric Drums

Backing Tracks


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