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Happy Album Release Day!

I am so absurdly excited to announce the official release of "The Modern Hymnal, Vol. 1". The very first full length studio album from Reawaken Hymns is now available everywhere.

Here are some rave reviews about the album:

"It's the best thing you've ever made" - My Mom "I don't hate it" - My Inner Monologue "I don't have ears" - Ronald

If you order THIS WEEK the album is **$2 OFF** and, because of the pure awesomeness of everyone who pre-ordered last week, I am extending the **BONUS** acoustic version of the album when you buy! This offer ends next Friday the 13th (spooky), so don't miss out!

You can purchase the album here (on sale w/bonus acoustic album):


The album will also be available from any of these fine retailers below: (these will not be on sale or include the bonus acoustic album)




And if you don't think you need this album, watch the video below, it will extinguish all your doubts.


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