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Google Slides for Worship

Do you need expensive software to run lyrics slides in church?

Big media suites like ProPresenter are great applications, but many small churches don't need or can't afford these presentation behemoths. And that is OK. All your church really needs to sing in worship is simple lyrics slides (and sometimes not even that). Google Slides is a free cloud based application that your church could use to start running slides in worship for free. And with a $35 Chromecast (that's another post) you can easily display them on a TV or projector.

And no, this is not a Google advertisement. I just really like free stuff. And Google keeps making it.

Step 1

Login to your Google account and open the Google Slides app. All of the slide presentations you create will be housed here on the cloud.

Step 2

Create and edit your presentations. Google Slides is set up fairly similar to other presentation apps such as PowerPoint and Keynote, so if you have made presentations in those apps you shouldn't have too much trouble in Google Slides. Watch this video to see a short overview of making lyric slides in Google Slides.

Step 3

Display your slides on a TV or projector with an HDMI cable, Chromecast, or just on your computer screen (for a VERY small church).

Simple and free. My two favorite adjectives (along with chicken fried).




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