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The Ultimate Budget Video Camera [DSLR vs Cell Phone]

It's a DSLR vs smartphone video showdown...

With our smartphone cameras becoming better and better, do we really need a video camera anymore? Well, for LESS than the cost of your smartphone you can buy a DSLR camera that will blow your camera phone out of the water.

Can your cell phone camera make good videos if that is all you have? Of course it can! Both iPhones and Android phones have wonderful cameras in them, but if you are considering creating videos for your small church, it is hard to beat the quality of a DSLR, specifically, the Canon SL2.

Here Is my DSLR setup:

Canon SL2:

24mm f2.8 lens:

(Full Disclosure: I will receive a small commission on anything purchased through the Amazon affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support.)

If you want to see how the two compare when it comes to video quality, check out this video shootout:


DSLR vs Cell Phone



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