T4G - (free books, rappers, and the gospel)

I just returned from the Together For The Gospel (T4G) Conference in Louisville, KY. Or as I like to think of it, Comic Con for theology nerds.

Of course the thing that stands out at the T4G conference is all the free books! They have something called the "Zero Dollar Bookstore" in which you get a new free book at every session. These are the piles of book that greet you every time you enter the stadium.

And here is the haul I brought home (all free)

My favorite breakout session was called "A View From The Arts", presented by one of my favorite hip hop artists, Trip Lee. I can't say I much care about the "celebrity christians" that many at the conference get all giddy about, but I was excited to hear Trip Lee, mostly because I have never heard any presentations by a christian hip hop artist. This is Trip Lee.

I will say the worship was pretty great, because it wasn't "great" in any way, just a piano and 13,000 voices. I have no problem with "big" worship bands, but they are a luxury, not a necessity. The T4G conference decided to go for simplicity.

In my opinion (and Vinny's) the best presentation was a presentation on race in the church by David Platt. Many times, talks on this issue get out of hand (in many different ways), but Platt hit the nail on the head. You should listen/watch to the livestream if you can find it.

One of the many booths at the convention... as I said Comic Con for theology nerds.

And to top off the weekend... the hotel had a fish tank bar.

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