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7 Ways To Use Video In Church

Video is an amazing tool for sharing the gospel and selling tacos. Today we explore the former with 7 great ways to use the power of video to add another dose of awesome to your church.

1. Sermon Bumpers

Sermon bumpers are short videos you play right before the sermon. Sermon bumpers serve as a good transition from the worship to the sermon as well as giving everyone time to get settled and musicians and pastors to transition from one part of the service to the next.

2. Series Trailer

A series trailer is just as it sounds. It is a video previewing a new sermon series for the congregation. The sermon trailer and sermon bumper can can be very similar in content and you can use one to help create the other.

3. Countdown

A countdown is a video played before the service to get people ready and in their seats when service starts. 5 minutes and 3 minutes are the most common lengths of countdowns. If there are screens in the lobby, the countdown can be shown there as well to help people know when to come into the sanctuary.

4. Motion Backgrounds

Motion background go behind song lyrics during worship and help add interest and energy to lyric displays. You can find free motion backgrounds here:

5. Promotional Videos

Promo videos can be a preview of any event happening in your church. Video can help give the congregation a better picture of what an event looks like and help them get excited for the upcoming events.

6. Logo Animations

These are simple short animation based on your church or ministry logo. They can be used at the beginning or end of most videos in this list such as promo videos, sermon bumpers, and social media videos to add a bit or branding for your church.

7. Social Media Videos

This is any video made expressly for use on your churches social media. It includes news updates, devotions from your pastors, promo videos, event recaps, and more. Videos are a great way to add lots of information to a social media page in an engaging way.


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