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3 Must-Read Modern Worship Classics

Sometimes you just can’t beat paper and ink, with all the amazing tech tools and resources available for worship leaders, many of the the best resources still come in the in the form of a book.

Worship leading books are like Chinese restaurants, everyone has their favorite and you HAVE to try it. Well, these 3 book may not be my favorite books of all time, but I do consider them essential reading for every worship leader. And China King on Shackelford has the best beef and broccoli, you HAVE to try it.

Here are 3 modern worship classics that every worship leader should read (and probably already has).

Worship Matters

I have a confession, I don't like books about leading worship. They are usually so vague that they end up being useless, or so specific that...they end up being unless. Worship Matters somehow walks that line and goes over some very important worship leading principles applicable to all worship leaders such as evaluating what you songs are teaching your congregation and issues of the heart in worship leading.

View on Amazon: (I receive a small commission on anything purchased through the Amazon affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support.)

The Heart of the Artist

An oldie but mostly goody. The Heart of the Artist is intended to help us navigate the rocky road of working with (and being) creatives. A church worship team can be a tinderbox of values and beliefs wrapped in a confusing layer of abstract thinking. The Heart of the Artist contains great tips for recognizing and navigating these types of interactions.

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Then Sings My Soul

More reference than reader, Then Sings My Soul is a collection of 150 popular hymns and the stories behind them. These stories can be fun to read just for readings sake OR can be a helpful resource when introducing hymns to your congregation.

These 3 essential books have encouraged and inspired countless worship leaders, including yours truly.

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