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3 Books that Changed My Life

These 3 books made me a christian. I know, they didn't actually make me a christian. But God used them to open my eyes to something I had long ago decide wasn’t worth a second look. These christian classics each helped me to understand christianity better and get over my preconceived notions of what it really was. If you have not read ANY of these amazing books I highly recommend that you give them a shot, maybe they can change your life too.

Ragamuffin Gospel

If anyone knows about God’s grace it is an alcoholic catholic priest. Brennan Manning helped me to see past the legalism and moralistic nonsense that veils christianity in 21st century America. Manning describes a God who loves us not just when we are good, but when we are at our worst.

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Blue Like Jazz

A millennial's guide to christianity. What makes blue like jazz so moving is that it describes christianity not as a religion, but as a confusing, exhausting, and extremely rewarding way of life. When all you’ve ever seen of christianity is neatly presented Sunday services and rules for not having sex, it starts to look more like a weird social club than a grace filled way of life.

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Mere Christianity

“Christianity makes sense.” Not until I read Mere Christianity would I have ever imagined I would utter those words. I am not an emotional person, so I never “understood” christianity in the way it is most often explained: a feeling. C.S. Lewis showed me that christianity could be intellectual as well as emotional, and that I did not have to abandon logic to experience the grace offered by the cross.

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