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A Budget Electric Guitar Setup for Small Churches

Often we look at other churches or guitar players and become envious of the amazing amps, guitars and pedalboards they have and think to ourselves that THAT is what we need for our worship team. If you have the resources for that kind of setup AND have decided that is where you church can best spend its money, then go for it. But in most churches around the world our volunteers bring whatever gear they can afford and we make do. So today I want to look at a simple, cheap guitar rig (pedal + DI) that can get your church started with the electric guitar.

---The video above with give you an idea of what this setup can sound like.---

The $250 Guitar Rig

Full Disclosure: I will receive a small commission on anything purchased through the Amazon affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support.


Squier Affinity Strat $199:

Squier guitars are made by fender, so although the equipment itself may be of a lower quality, the compny that makes it knows how to make a good guitar. I think Squiers sound and play as good as any sub $300 guitar can get.


G1on Pedal $59:

The G1on pedal is a budget multi-effects pedal with amp simulation, effects, a looper, and a tuner. Does it sound as good as boutique pedal boards? Of course not. Can you get good sound out of it? Yes you can! And the amp simulations give this pedal the ability to be plugged directly into your sound system.

Great electric guitar gear cost ALOT of money. Good electric guitar gear still costs ALOT of money. That doesn't means that your church can't have electric guitar just because you have small resources.

It is much more important HOW you play, than WHAT you play.

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