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A 25-Day Devotional Journey Through the Music of Christmas

Celebrate the rich legacy of Christmas music with a fresh perspective.


Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year and sometimes we just need permission to rest and remember what the season is all about. With this fresh, thought-provoking perspective of classic hymns, familiar Bible passages, and the story of Christmas, you'll have an opportunity to do exactly that.


Each day will begin with a reflection on a familiar Christmas carol or hymn as we discover the historical and Biblical basis for each beloved song.


Remember why we celebrate Christmas with a devotional message and practical application based on the same Bible passages that inspired many of your favorite Christmas songs.


Every day ends with questions perfect for small group discussion or an intimate advent experience with your family.


As you learn about the undiscovered histories behind some of your favorite traditions, this could be the perfect opportunity to start your own Christmas tradition today.


The elements of this soothing and hope-giving Christmas devotional are designed to take only 10-15 minutes of each day—a perfect time to rest and keep Jesus foremost in our thoughts. Grow closer to Jesus this holiday season individually, with your family, or with a small group.


Begin a new tradition—start your Christmas season with The Soul Felt Its Worth.



Foreword by Nathan Drake of Reawaken Hymns

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