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Written by Nathan Drake, William R. Newell

CCLI# - 7236503

At Calvary Chords (Acoustic)
(Guitar down-tuned 1 half step)


Years I’ve spent in vanity and pride

D                                          G

Caring not my Lord was crucified


Knowing not it was for me He died

        D      G

On Cal-va-ry



     C                                               G

     Mercy there was great and grace was free

     D                                       G

     Pardon there was multiplied to me

      C                                                       G

     There my burdened soul found liberty

          D       G

     At Cal-va-ry



By God’s word at last of sin I learned

D                                      G

Then I trembled at the law I spurned


Till my guilty soul in glory returned

      D     G

To Cal-va-ry





Oh the love that drew salvation’s plan

   D                                             G

Oh the grace that brought it down to man


Oh the mighty gulf that God did span

     D      G

At Cal-va-ry



Available worship resources for At Calvary include: chord chart, lyric video, and streaming. This hymn was written by William R. Newell, 1895. Modern arrangement and recording by Nathan Drake, Reawaken Hymns. CCLI# - 7236503

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