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Written by Nathan Drake, original author unknown.

CCLI# 7197597

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The First Noel Chords
from "The Soul Felt Its Worth"

       C        G              F               C

The first No-el the angel did say,

              F                     C                

Was to certain poor shepherds

     G                      C

in fields as they lay

     C                   G               F                     C

In fields where they lay keeping their sheep

          F                     C                G             C

On a cold winters night that was so deep



C                   G            F           C

They looked up and saw a star

              F            C           G             C

Shining in the east beyond them far,

        C            G            F               C

And to the earth it gave great light,

         F             C                   G             C

And so it continued both day and night.



        C           G           F               C

And by the light of that same star

            F               C                   G           C

Three wise men came from country far;

      C            G            F             C

To seek for a king was their intent,

              F                C             G            C

And to follow the star wherever it went.



         C                G           F           C

This star drew nigh to the northwest,

          F         C           G         C

O'er Bethlehem it took it rest,

         C            G              F             C

And there it did both stop and stay

           F              C                  G        C

Right over the place where Jesus lay.




    C            G            F           C

     No-el, No-el, No-el, No-el

     F                   C           G      C

     Born is the King of Is-ra-el.


          C            G              F               C

Then entered in those wise men three, 

        F          C    G               C

Full rev’rently upon their knee,

         C             G            F              C

And offered there, in His presence,

           F             C                 G          C

Their gold and myrrh and frankincense.



           C        G            F           C

Then let us all with one accord

          F           C           G             C

Sing praises to our heavenly Lord;

                   C            G                F             C

That hath made heaven and earth of naught,

        F               C               G                C

And with his blood mankind hath bought.



Available worship resources for The First Noel include: chord chart, multitrack, backing track, lyric video, and streaming. Author Unknown. Modern arrangement and recording by Nathan Drake, Reawaken Hymns. CCLI# 7197597

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