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The Soul Felt Its Worth Star
The Soul Felt Its Worth

A 25-Day Devotional Journey Through the Music of Christmas


The Soul Felt Its Worth is great for small groups, Bible studies, and Sunday school classes looking for a Christmas or Advent study to go through. If you’re looking to order 10 or more paperback copies, we have discounted options available. We also have a printable PDF for less than a dollar per user.

2020 has been tough for a lot of churches. Whether financial burdens or the challenges of being together while not really being together, we want to make The Soul Felt Its Worth as accessible as possible. See the pricing table below and contact us if you’re interested in providing a unique Advent experience for your members.



Please select how many copies you would like to distribute. Your order will include a digital file which can be distributed to your members and a licensing agreement granting you permission to distribute The Soul Felt Its Worth.

Contact us if you have any questions




For more the 1,000 copies, please contact us

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