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Introducing HymnWear!

I've had a dream for a while now of taking some of my favorite hymns into the everyday world, out of the hymnal and onto a t-shirt (...or hoodie...or mug...or phone case.) I wanted to create a better way to wear your faith than those obnoxious Christian t-shirts ripping off random brand logos and slogans.

So today I am very excited to announce the pre-launch or HymnWear!

I've tried to create apparel that can be appreciated by all. Hymns still have a way of inspiring a sense of faith that may have long been lost by those around us.

There is also some "Reawaken Hymns" gear available if you've been looking for a way to represent your love for Reawaken Hymns!

Please take some time to look around the store and let me know what you think. Currently I am in the pre-launch stage, everything is ready to go and available to order, I just haven't announced it to the world yet.

I hope you enjoy!


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