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A Complete Church Sound System for $1000 (ish)

Can you get a good portable sound system for only $1000ish. Yes. Yes you can.

Here is an overview of the sound system we use at Christ City Church. Christ City Church is a small church plant that meets each week in a local coffee house. This sound system is set up and torn done each week in about 30 minutes and would be good for churches with up to 50-75 members. This is a good sounding, portable, budget setup for the small church, mobile church, and church plant.

Mixer - Soundcraft Signature 12

The Signature 12 has 8 full channels with microphone inputs and 1 stereo channel for a computer, phone or other media device. It also has a small selection of effects built in such as reverb and delay. What set his small mixer apart for me was the ability to control the FX level and AUX (monitor) level on each channel. You could certainly go with a cheaper option like a Behringer, but the Soundcraft is built and set up more like a professional mixer.

View on Amazon: (I receive a small commission on anything purchased through the Amazon affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support.)

Main speakers - Alto TS210

Great sound, durable, lots of power, and cheap. What else could I say?

View on Amazon:

Monitor speaker - Alto TX8

At 280 watts and only 12 pounds this monitor is a dream for churches that have to set up and tear down every week.

View on Musicians Friend:

AKG Mini Wireless System and AKG Ear Hook Mic

In my opinion, the best budget wireless system by far. A decent sounding wireless mic system with handheld mic and ear hook mic for could easily set you back 600-800 dollars if not for this little gem.

View system on Amazon:

View ear hook on Amazon:




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