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3 FREE Church Presentation Apps

Do you need a presentation app that can handle audio synced motion backgrounds and multiple screen? Then this list may not be for you. But if your church is in need of a simple and free way to display lyrics, scriptures, and videos during worship, then welcome home. Today we look at 3 FREE church presentation apps to help you get those lyrics off of the transparency and into the 21st century.

Open LP

Open LP is an open source basic church presentation app. It includes all the necessities of church presentation such as CCLI song import, bible, powerpoint integration, and image and video playback. It is the best free option for the church that needs the full package. Open LP suffers a bit from ease of use and good design. But if you can get past a dated interface, you get a fully functioning presentation tool for the best price possible: free.

Worship Extreme

Worship extreme is an easy to use cloud based presentation app. It has great templates and a unique UI. The problem: the free version only lets you have 10 service items, which may not be enough for many churches. But if you just need to display your songs lyrics and a few scripture, it can be a good option.

Google Slides

Not a “church presentation” app as much as simple cloud based presentations. If you are used to Powerpoint or just want a more basic option, Google Slides could do the job.

Watch the video below to see an overview of the apps above:


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