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3 Essential Worship Anthologies

Sometimes you just can’t beat paper and ink, with all the amazing tech tools and resources available for worship leaders, many of the best resources still come in the in the form of a book.

I have collected a lot of things in my life; baseball cards, pogs, old cameras, comic books, shot glasses, and mad skills. But none of those collections were ever very useful for leading worship (expect for the pogs of course) So here are 3 creative collections that are great resources for every worship leaders . These 3 anthologies can help take you worship skills to the next level by giving you inspiration and context for what you do and why you do it.

A Treasury of David

Charles Spurgeon's commentary on the Psalms. One of the great theologians tackling the worship leaders favorite book of the bible. I don’t think i really need to explain how that might be a good resource for your worship leading bookshelf.

View on Amazon: (I receive a small commission on anything purchased through the Amazon affiliate links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for the support.)

A Sacrifice of Praise

This is a collection of poetry from the last 400 years of the church. Not only is it fascinating to read christian poetry from hundreds of years ago, but can be a great way to introduce the art of poetry to your church and worship services.

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Songwriters on Songwriting

While not a “christian” book per se, it is an incredibly inspiring book for any worship leader who writes worship songs. Most books on songwriting are just futile attempts to explain how to create. Songwriters on Songwriting interviews some of the greatest songwriters of our time and asks them about their songwriting process. 2 pages of Leonard Cohen explaining his songwriting process is worth a thousand pages of misguided technical manuals on songwriting.

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