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What a Friend We Have in Jesus (Multitrack)

Multitrack for the modern arrangement of the classic hymn What a Friend We Have in Jesus by Reawaken Hymns.
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From 'Hymns of the Son' album by Reawaken Hymns.

What a Friend We Have in Jesus multitrack includes:

  • Original instrument and lead vocal stems (WAV files) in both stereo and mono for use in any multitrack player or DAW
  • Ableton Project File
  • Matching chord chart in 2 Keys
  • Text file with Chordpro and lyrics
  • Original studio recording for reference

These modern arrangements seek to keep the original hymn writer’s heart and intent as best as possible while updating the musical context to fit seamlessly in modern worship services. The lyrics and melodies are almost entirely as the original writers wrote them, while the music is unabashedly modern.

Original Album Recording:

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