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Fishbowl is referred to as QuickBooks best inventory management software. Despite the fact that QuickBooks offers best accounting solutions, it lacks many features which are delivered by Fishbowl software. Fishbowl gives helping hand to businesses in delivering inventory solutions like barcode scanning, part tracking and advanced manufacturing tools. This well conceived software integrates flawlessly with QuickBooks Online and allows users to easily update their accounting records and make changes to their General Ledger. It lets users to create and process purchase orders and helps in transferring them to QuickBooks Online to make new accounting entries. Furthermore, this software accomplishes sales orders, packing, picking, shipping and other features of order fulfillment. After integrating with QuickBooks Online, it helps in accounting adjustments like cost of goods sold, income and inventory asset. While accepting payments from customers, Fishbowl sends them to QuickBooks Online. As a part of successful integration, whenever a new customer or vendor or any type of inventory adjustment is added to Fishbowl, it also gets added to QuickBooks Online. Fishbowl helps in posting completed work orders to the general ledgers in QuickBooks Online, which makes it easier for manufacturers, suppliers and retailers.


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