now thank we all our god

(Suggested Capo 3)

C                   F            C           F       Dm              G             C

Now thank we all our God,    with heart and hands and voices,

C                   F            C                  F      Dm              G             C

Who wondrous things has done,    in Whom this world rejoices;

G                   C               G            C        Am         G

Who from our mothers’ arms     has blessed us on our way

F                                Dm            Dm       G      C

With countless gifts of love,     and still is ours today.



C                   F            C         F       Dm              G             C

O may this bounteous God     through all our life be near us,

C                   F            C           F       Dm              G             C

With ever joyful hearts and     blessed peace to cheer us;

G             C                G            C        Am         G

And keep us in His grace,     and guide us when perplexed;

F                           Dm              Dm       G      C

And free us from all ills,      in this world and the next!



C                   F                  C        F       Dm          G             C

All praise and thanks to God       the Father now be given;

C                   F                 C           F       Dm              G             C

The Son and Him Who reigns       with Them in highest Heaven;

G             C          G            C        Am         G

The one eternal God,      whom earth and Heaven adore;

F                          Dm            Dm       G      C

For thus it was, is now,      and shall be evermore.

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Written by Mar­tin Rink­art, 1636

Now Thank We All Our God chord sheet by Nathan Drake