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Available worship resources for Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence include: chord chart, lyric video, and streaming. Author unknown, Byzantine. Modern arrangement and recording by Nathan Drake, Reawaken Hymns.


Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence Chords (Acoustic)

(Suggested Capo 1)

Dm                                      C           Bb                                             Asus

Let all mortal flesh keep silence and with fear and trembling stand

Dm                                     C           Bb                                    Asus

ponder nothing earthly minded for with blessing in his hand

Dm                         C         Bb      Asus      Dm                      C          Dm

Christ our God to Earth de-scend-eth  our full homage to de-mand



Dm                                     C         Bb                                Asus

King of kings yet born of Mary  As of old on Earth he stood

Dm                                    C             Bb                               Asus

Lord of Lords in human vesture  In the body and the blood

Dm                    C        Bb   Asus  Dm                     C             Dm

He will give to all the faith--ful His own self for heavenly food



Dm                                         C            Bb                                            Asus

Rank on rank the hosts of heaven Spreads its vanguard on the way

Dm                                   C             Bb                                         Asus

As the light of light descendeth from the realms of endless day.

Dm                            C              Bb   Asus   Dm                     C          Dm

That the powers of hell may van---ish    as the darkness clears away



Dm                                      C                Bb                                   Asus

At his feet the six winged seraph  Cherubim with sleepless eye

Dm                                  C            Bb                                           Asus

Veil their faces to his presence as with ceaseless voice they cry

Dm        C     Bb   Asus        Dm      C              Dm

Al-le-lu-ia  Al-le-lu-ia  Al-le-lu-ia   Lord most high

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