it came upon a midnight clear

(Suggested Capo 1) 

    G           C           G          

It came upon the midnight clear

           C             A7       D

That glorious song of old

           G            C            G               

From angels bending near the earth

     C                  D7          G   

To touch their harps of gold

            B7                              Em       

"Peace on the earth,  good will to men

          D                    A7              D     

From heaven's all gracious King;"

          G           C            G           

The world in solemn stillness lay,

      C             D7       G

To hear the angels sing




                C                       G

Hope is coming to the broken

               C              D

Hope is coming in you

           C             G

You’re the light in a night

         Em          D

That is fading away

        C               D            G

You are the dawning of love



        G              C         G          

Still thro' the cloven skies they come

           C             A7       D

With peaceful wings unfurled

           G            C            G                

And still their heavenly music floats

         C          D7         G   

O'er all the weary world

     B7                      Em       

Above its sad and lowly plains

          D              A7              D     

They bend on hovering wing

          G       C          G           

And ever o'er its Babel sounds

        C             D7      G

The blessed angels sing



       G           C           G          

For lo the days are hastening on

      C             A7       D

By prophet bards foretold

           G             C            G               

When with the ever-circling years

              C                 D7         G   

Comes round the age of gold

            B7                       Em       

When peace shall over all the earth

     D              A7              D     

Its ancient splendors fling

          G               C                 G           

And the whole world give back the song

              C             D7      G

Which now the angels sing




Em    C    G    D/F#



     G              C             G

O hush the noise ye men of strife

         C              D          G

And hear the angels sing

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Written by Ri­chard S. Wil­lis, 1850,

Nathan Drake, 2011

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear chord sheet by Nathan Drake

Studio version