Many of us, possibly for the first time, must now gather as churches online instead of in person. As we all navigate this unprecedented time together, I will be offering my services as a "virtual worship leader" for any churches, retirement homes, or other inaccessible venues that find themselves without worship in this current crisis. I will be producing two worship sets each week, one recorded and one live, for you to use for free as needed in your own online church services.


Below you will finds prerecorded full worship sets which you may add to your existing service before your pastor's sermon. The HD video file will be free to download and use however you need. I will record a new worship set every week and make them available for download by Tuesday or Wednesday. All songs will be Reawaken Hymn's versions of public domain hymns, so your church will not need to purchase any streaming licenses for the music.

During this current coronavirus crisis, any church may use any Reawaken Hymns videos in their online worship services. I own all the rights, so no CCLI streaming license is needed.




© Copyright 2015 by Nathan Drake.