O THE deep deep love of jesus

Dm        A                  A         Dm

Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus

  F           Dm            Gm     A      Dm

Vast, unmeasured, boundless, free

 Dm      A      A          Dm

Rolling as a mighty ocean

F       Dm      Gm  A  Dm 

In it's fullness over me

F         C               Dm    A

Underneath me, all around me

Dm      C          F   C    A  

Is the current of thy love

Dm          A            A           Dm

Leading onward, leading homeward

  F         Dm       Gm  A  Dm

To my glorious rest above


Dm       A                A           Dm

O the deep, deep love of Jesus

  F                Dm               Gm    A   Dm

Spread His praise from shore to shore

Dm         A          A     Dm

How He loveth, ever loveth

   F             Dm    Gm  A  Dm

Changeth never, nevermore

F              C            Dm         A

How He watches o'er His loved ones

Dm         C              F   C    A  

Died to call them all His own

Dm          A            A      Dm

How for them He intercedeth

  F             Dm            Gm   A   Dm

Watcheth o'er them from the throne


Dm        A               A          Dm

O the deep, deep love of Jesus

  F          Dm  Gm   A   Dm

Love of ev'ry love the best

Dm     A          A        Dm

Tis an ocean vast of blessing

  F     Dm      Gm    A   Dm

Tis a haven sweet of rest

F          C                 Dm       A

O the deep, deep love of Jesus

Dm      C              F         C    A  

Tis a heav'n of heav'ns to me

Dm      A           A       Dm

And it lifts me up to glory

  F     Dm       Gm A  Dm

For it lifts me up to Thee

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Written by Samuel Trevor Francis, 1875.

O The Deep Deep Love Of Jesus chord sheet by Nathan Drake