here is love vast as the ocean

             G                           C
Here is love vast as the ocean
              G                        D
Loving kindness as the flood
                  G                                C
When the Prince of Life, our Ransom,
                 G             D            G
Shed for us His precious blood
               G                      D
Who His love will not remember
                 Am                     G
Who can cease to sing His praise
            Em                 C           
He will never be forgotten
                    G                D           G
Throughout Heav'n's eternal days

             G                      C
On the mount of crucifixion
                   G                             D
Fountains opened deep and wide
                       G                                 C
Through the floodgates of God's mercy
                 G             D             G
Flowed a vast and gracious tide
                   G                           D
Grace and love like mighty rivers
               Am                     G
Poured incessant from above
                      Em                            C           

And Heav'n's peace and perfect justice
                G             D           G
Kissed a guilty world in love



               G                      C

Let me all Thy love accepting,

                  G                      D

Love Thee ever all my days

              G                              C

Let me seek Thy kingdom only

                G        D           G

And my life be to Thy praise;

            G                            D

Thou alone shalt be my glory,

               Am                  G

Nothing in the world I see;

                  Em                       C           

Thou hast cleansed and sanctified me

           G                  D           G

Thou Thyself hast set me free.



Written by William Edwards, 1900

Here Is Love Vast As The Ocean chord sheet by Nathan Drake