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3 Must Have Books for Planning and Leading Worship

Sometimes you just can’t beat paper and ink, with all the amazing tech tools and resources available for worship leaders, sometimes the best resources still come in the in the form of a book.

Planning worship is often times like putting together puzzle. We take songs, scriptures, liturgies, videos, and many other creative elements and try to assemble them all into one cohesive worship service. So to help in this simple yet somehow extremely complex task of planning worship are 3 ink and paper worship resources that every worship leader should have on their bookshelf. These 3 essential books can improve your worship planning and inspire you.

The ESV Study Bible

Planning worship often (and hopefully) involves using scripture. And though I do really like the ESV translation, the reason I recommend the ESV study bible for the exceptional notes. The ESV Study Bible has some of the best notes I have seen in a study bible. These notes have, on more than one occasion, kept me from misusing certain scriptures in worship. But more than just checking the meaning of verses, the study notes can give you a greater understanding the scripture and equip you to lead and teach these words to your congregation.

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The Hymnal

You should only EVER sing songs from the hymnal. Nah. Just playing. But when you DO play hymns in your services the hymnal can be a great resource. Need a nice melody line for your keyboardist? Grab the hymnal. Can’t figure out that tricky harmony? Grab the hymnal. Get in a massive argument about whether the song is in 3/4 or 6/8? Grab the hymnal. Need to prop up a floor monitor? Grab a hymnal. (hey, it’s better than using a bible right?)

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The Worship Sourcebook

It’s all there right there in the title. A sourcebook for worship. This tome is full of call to worships, prayers of confession, communion liturgies, baptisms, advent readings, and more liturgical elements for your worship service. Even if you write your own service elements or you don’t use any formal liturgy at all, this is still a great book for ideas, inspiration, and the occasional last minute “holy moly I forgot to find a call to worship” Sunday morning freakout.

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