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5 Free Android Apps for Worship Leaders

Free. Apps. Worship. 3 of my favorite words.

Do you always have your phone with you while worship leading and planning, then put it to good use! Today we look at 5 FREE Android apps to help you out as a worship leader. These apps could be used on your current Android phone, or put on an old Android device as a dedicated tool.

1. GStrings Tuner - A free tuner

2. BPM Tap - A tap tempo app

3. Smart Recorder - A simple audio recorder 4

4. Chordbot - An automated and customizable chord progression creator and player

5. Open Camera - A camera app with manual controls

Free. Apps. Worship. 3 of my favorite words. ...And keep your eyes out for at least 2 more upcoming app videos. 5 MORE android apps for worship leading, and 5 iOS apps for worship leaders.

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